YR-802 TiO2 Pigment

A high quality chloride titanium oxide pigment, for use in a wide range of applications.

An advanced chloride process is used for the manufacturing of the rutile titanium pigment (referred to as R type) - currently the best-performing white pigment available. This produces a white pigment which can be used to increase the acid resistance of vitreous enamels and as a ceramic material.

Main features

Surface treatment: Si, Al

TiO2%: ≥90.0%

Whiteness (acrylic coating system): 86.0

Tinctorial strength: ≥99.%

Oil absorption: ≥20 g/100g


Paints and coatings – especially recommended

Coatings – especially recommended

Plastics – recommended

Paper – recommended

Levelling products – especially recommended

White concrete – recommended

Printing inks – recommended


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