Chloride Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) Pigments

A range of high-quality chloride titanium oxide pigments, for use in a wide range of applications.

An advanced chloride process is used for the manufacturing of the rutile titanium pigment (referred to as R type) - currently the best-performing white pigment available. This produces a white pigment which can be used to increase the acid resistance of vitreous enamels and as a ceramic material.


  • Vibrant whiteness
  • High opacity
  • Excellent tinting strength
  • High covering power
  • High weather and heat resistance
  • High chemical stability
  • Contains less toxicity – when compared to other pigments


The titanium dioxide pigments are manufactured using the most advanced chloride process, which provides better whiteness and stability. The introduction of both inorganic and organic coating technologies (including titanium, zirconium, silicon and aluminium) has led to improvements in the quality and performance of these TiO2 pigments and opened up a wealth of applications.

They are used widely in the following industries; coatings, plastic, paper making, printing ink, chemical fibre, enamel, ceramics, rubber and cosmetics.  

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