Ready Mix Wet Products - Alkaline Coatings (lime or silicate)


Esacol HS 30 R

Esacol HS 30 R is a hydrocolloid belonging to the polysaccharides family, soluble both in hot and cold water, suitable as thickener, rheology modifier, and water retention agent.


Chemico-physical characteristics:

Chemical description: non-ionic modified polysaccharide

pH: 6.0 – 8.0 (2% w/w water sol.)

Appearance: ivory-flowing powder

Moisture: < 3.4%

Bulk density: 0.6 – 0.8 g/ml

Particle size: 99.9% < 35 mesh

Solubility: complete in both hot and cold water at ph > 8.5

Brookfield RVT viscosity: 6000 – 8000 mPa*s (2% w/w solution, 20’C, 20 rpm)


Applications and dosages:

Cement/lime skim-coats:


Cement coloured skim-coats:


Cement/lime skim-coats:


Cement joint-filler:


Esapon 1851

Esapon 1851 is a surfactant for gypsum and/or cement-based plasters able to introduce efficiently the air into these systems during mixture preparation. Product should be used in combination with the water retention agents and the rheological modifiers of the esacol and esamid range.


Chemico-physical characteristics:

Chemical description: etoxylated alcool

Appearance: fine white powder

pH: 6.0 – 7.5 in water solution (5% w/w)

Bulk density: 0.3 – 0.4 g/cm3

Particle size: 95% < 630 micron ASTM

Solubility: complete


Applications and dosages:

Cement plaster:


Gypsum plaster:


Coloured cement finishing plaster:


Tile grout: