1400 Series - Water Retention Agents

DeCAL 1000 is a synthetic alkali swellable, solvent free liquid thickener for water-borne
systems. It is a highly effective low-shear thickener, greatly increasing viscosity and yield
values, and can be used in much lower quantities compared to similar thickeners.

DeCAL 1000 is recommended for use in flat paints, textured coatings, plasters and
woodstains. It is easy to handle and can be incorporated at any manufacturing step. It is also
ideally suited for use in industrial and household sectors due to its high thickening power,
electrolyte tolerance, surfactant stability and water white clarity on neutralisation.


  • Ideal rheological control additive for water-borne adhesives and coatings.
  • Imparts a thixotropic rheology, giving non stringy formulations easily hand - or machine applied over a wide range of speeds and/or processes, such as airless spray applications.
  • Less susceptible to microbiological attack than derivatives of cellulose. As a result, a lower level of biocide is needed, leading to a broader area of application.
  • Addition of rheological control additives should preferably be at the final stage of manufacturing, not in a high shear stage such as pigment dispersion where unrecoverable damage to the polymer can occur .
  • Can be conveniently added as a liquid post additive, either directly into the mix or diluted1:1, offering flexibility in viscosity adjustment at the end of a batch.

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