C5 Aliphatic Hydrocarbon Resin


Characterised by compatible with various polymers and elastomers, excellent affinity with a wide range of fillers, excellent balance of tack and of adhesive and cohesive properties, good heat resistance.


  • Thermoplastic road marking paints
  • Hot melt adhesive and pressure sensitive adhesive, etc.
  • Processing agent for rubber compounds, esp. car tyres.


Bitoner Resin BT-2110

Bitoner Resin BT-2110 is a light colour low softening point C5 aliphatic resin. Bitoner Resin BT-2110 is a thermoplastic low S.P. C5 hydrocarbon resin. 

Bitoner C5 Resin BT-2104

Characterised by low molecular weight, narrow Pd, low cloud point.

Bitoner BT-2104 is thermoplastic, low molecular weight, slightly yellow aliphatic tackify resin. 

Bitoner Resin C-2120

Bitoner C-2120 is light colour styrene modified C5 hydrocarbon resin.


Bitoner C-2120 is a thermoplastic, low molecular weight, light yellow aromatically modified C5 resin. It is characterised by colour 3#-4#, outstanding heat stability and good compatibility with SIS, SBS, NR and other polymers, it has excellent tack, adhesive and cohesive properties.

Bitoner BT-1200H

Bitoner C5 BT-1200H is a slightly yellow colour C5 thermoplastic aliphatic resin. It is characterised by wide compatibility with NR, APAO and other polymers.

Bitoner C5 Resin BT-100

Bitoner C5 BT-100 is a general grade aliphatic hydrocarbon resin with colour Max4. 

Bitoner C5 Resin BT-1102

Bitoner C5 BT-1102 is a thermoplastic low molecular weight aliphatic hydrocarbon resin with colour Max5. 

Bitoner C5 Resin TP-400

Bitoner C5 TP-400 is a slightly yellow polyterpene modified aliphatic hydrocarbon resin.