Ming-Zu Chemical Industry Ltd - Supplier Profile

Founded 1990, Ming-Zu Chemical Industry Ltd is a world leading supplier of metal dyes for coating and printing applications. Headquartered in Taiwan, the company boasts a global network of localise agents and regional distributors. 

The company offers a range of high-grade metal-complex dyes under the brands MECOFAST™ and MECOSPERSE™ which are used in a wide range of industries including wood coating, stamping foils, printing inks and other speciality applications.

Devine Chemicals is proud to be the sole UK distributor for Ming-Zu Chemical Industry Ltd and supplies a portfolio of its products including:

MECOSPERSE Liquid Metal Complex Dyes


Specifically designed for water and solvent based wood coating.


  • Highly soluble in water and good compatibility with solvents
  • High colour strength
  • Good light fastness
  • Good stability
  • Easy to use


MECOFAST B-29 Powder Metal Complex Dyes

MECOFASTB-29 is a high-quality powdered dye that delivers a vibrant deep black colour and excellent light fastness.


MECOFASTB-29 is predominantly used in continuous industrial inkjet printing and printing onto plastics and other packaging. Other applications include:

  • Wood stains 
  • Leather top coating 
  • Coloured lacquer 
  • Hot stamping foils


MECOFAST T Series Metal Complex Dyes

The MECOFAST T series is a traditional range of metal complex dyes.


  • Wood stains
  • Ink applications
  • Coatings


MECOFAST™ G Series Metal Complex Dyes


  • Wood staining and coating – especially recommend for solvent-based wood coating
  • Ink applications – ideal for solvent based printing inks & continuous jet inks
  • Hot stamping foils 


  • These high grade, high quality, environmentally friendly products meet strict environmental regulations, without compromising on performance.


With over 30 years’ experience, Devine Chemicals’ team of experts can provide technical advice and supply the products in bulk or smaller amounts if required. 

To discuss your specific requirements or request a sample call us on 01207 580 101 or email info@devinechemicals.co.uk.

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