Shandong Head Co. - Supplier Profile

Established in 1992 in China, Shandong Head Co. is China's number one producer of cellulose derivatives. The company has two production plants, employs over 700 people and in 2014 established Shandong Head Europe BV.

Markets and Applications

Shandong Head Co., produces speciality chemicals for a broad range of applications including:


Shandong Head's HEADCEL products are used as performance additives in gypsum-based or cement-based construction materials. They act as binders, thickeners, firm formers and retention agents.


HEADCEL EC dissolves in a wide range of solvents like water, glycerine, chlorinated solvents, aliphatic alcohols and is flexible at low processing temperatures. HEADCEL EC provides adhesion, thickening, binding, and acts as a film former and rheology modifier.

Acrylic Emulsion

Diacetone acrylamide and adipic dihydrazide are widely used as crosslinking agents in waterborne acrylic emulsions.


Cellulose ethers are the most commonly used polymers in hydrophilic matrix controlled-release systems. The molecular weight of the cellulose ethers dictates the drug-release properties of the final product.

Devine Chemicals has a comprehensive portfolio of Shandong Head Co. products, suitable for use in many sectors, including construction, paint, pharmaceutical and ink. With over 30 years’ experience, Devine Chemicals’ team of experts can provide technical advice and supply the products in bulk or smaller amounts if required. 

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