Lamberti S.p.A - Supplier Profile

Established in 1911 in Italy, Lamberti S.p.A produces speciality chemicals for a broad range of applications.  The chemicals are designed to improve the manufacturing process and to add high-value features in terms of resistance, performance, safety and colour. Lamberti S.p.A launched internationally in 1991 and employs 1300 people, across 13 production sites and 17 offices, in 15 countries.

Markets and Applications

Lamberti S.p.A produces speciality chemicals for a broad range of applications including:

Lambert S.p.A applications

Devine Chemicals can supply a range of Lamberti S.p.A products which are suitable for tile adhesives, mortars, gypsum and cement plasters.

It also supplies the Esa-one product range, an all-in-one additive for building products:

Esa-one offers a wide range of solution for GYPSUM compounds and PASTY systems, as shown below:

Esa-one is one compound and a complete solution for Gypsum and Calcium Carbonate plasters – meaning it offers more efficient stock and better working capital management.  It is a tailormade, ready to use formulation and offers a high performing product alternative to Cement base. Each batch is controlled following customer’s specifications and local standards. Water retention, viscosity, adhesion and particle size are checked with dedicated equipment.

Devine Chemicals has a comprehensive portfolio of Lamberti S.p.A products, suitable for use in many sectors, including coatings, paint, textile, homecare and personal care. With over 30 years’ experience, Devine Chemicals’ team of experts can provide technical advice and supply the products in bulk or smaller amounts if required. 

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